Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs

The Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs was established in 2006 to support people young in business. It serves all members equally, regardless of age, gender or economic sector. A Young Entrepreneur is any person who has recently started a business.

Our Goals

The Chamber aims to encourage and promote the survival and prosperity of young entrepreneurs’ businesses in Rwanda. They plan to do this by delivering dynamic, high value, event-driven programs that relay fundamental business techniques to young entrepreneurs. The emphasis is on clubs, training programs and interactive meetings – with existing businesspeople as inspiration.

What we Do

- Representation at national level to discuss matters of direct interest or serving the interests of members The Chamber is represented on about 30 different bodies, boards and committees in the public and private sectors.
- Provision of Information to members and stakeholder.
- Networking to allow young entrepreneurs share business ideas.
- Advisory services to young entrepreneurs.
- Promotional services: through organizing missions, presentations, participation in trade fairs.