Success Story: Promotion of new technology and jobs creation

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Nkurikiyinka Abdoul is 52 years old; he is an entrepreneur with an innovative welding company in the energy sector called "Muyaga Project". His dream came true in 2012; when he participated in the CSR/PPP competition program organized by PSF in collaboration with the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) through the Eco-Emploi Program. His project was among the winners, for its new technology that uses charcoal left over, volcano lavas stones and electricity and its effects on the environment as it reduces the use of charcoal to half the normal consumption.

"I started small and I invested a lot of efforts into research since 2009. In 2013, my first product was on the market. Now, I have three different stoves that I am selling and people love them."

Since its creation, Muyaga Project has sold 1800 stoves all over the country. It employs 6 permanent staff and has trained more than 30 welders that are able to use the skills of the new technology autonomously. Abdoul, the manager is now dreaming of expanding and opening workshops in other provinces of the country.

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One of the trainees, Amani, testifies that Muyaga Project allowed him to become independent: "I finished secondary school in 2006 and, I couldn’t find a job. When I met Abdoul, he trained me and gave me a job. I am now able to sustain myself and I have a better life. Muyaga project changed my life."

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Mutambamungu Alice uses one on the stoves from Muyaga Project; she attests that, the stove allowed her to save 23,000Frws per month. "The stove is really good, we are happy we bought it, the cooking is faster, no smokes and it is clean. I have been using it for 9 months now, and I use 2 charcoals left over sacks per month which cost 3500 each."