Success Story: Promotion of reading culture in the Eastern Province

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Alouette-Ikirezi Library is situated in Rwamagana District in the Eastern Province within the Nursery and Primary school Ikirezi compound. It is a small yet well-equipped library. It has attracted more than 200 students to the school and has improved its image significantly. Parents and people from outside are benefiting from its services and it is helping them to enrich the quality of education of the school.

Mrs. Verediane Nyiraneza, the chairperson of the school explains that, the idea of creating a library came when she heard from a friend about the Private Sector Federation (PSF) support through CSR/PPP Program." I was always saddened to see that there was no library in our area yet as a chairperson of the school I found it necessary to encourage a reading culture into small kids and students in general."

A CSR/PPP Competition was launched in 2011 by PSF in collaboration with the German Development Cooperation through the Eco-Emploi Program where the project was amongst the winners. The aim of the program is to offer the opportunity of up to 50% co-financed Public Private Partnership projects that contribute sustainably to the socio-economic development. Since the beginning of the program in 2006, more than 30 projects have been co-financed across the country.

One of the students, Rose Ruhamo, is studying in 1st secondary. She testifies that with the library, she was able to move from 10th to the 2nd place of her class. "I like to come and read more about history and biology. It helps me to improve my level and to understand better the courses. Now I am performing well."

The headmaster of the school; Mr. Ruhangintwari Jean de Dieu, explains that the library improved their performance rates." Before the library, the performance rate of our students was around 90%; now all our students won the national examination and were able to get good schools placements. I am always proud of see that our students are winning awards in reading competitions, poem etc. the library impacted our school effectively."

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Quotes from users:

- "I always need to consult different books before I deliver a course, most documents from government don’t outline everything. That is why a library is needed." Uzaribara Ernest. Teacher

- "As a retired person, this library is a blessing to me; it helps me to be updated and as I am learning English I come here to read books and newspapers and connect with people." Jean Baptiste Nkusi. Retired

- "Since I started reading, my study performance improved, the library is close to my home so I come regularly to read and I note down what I don’t understand so that I can ask the teacher later in class." Jolie Ndutirabose/ Student at St Vincent de Paul