Chamber of Liberal Professions

The Chamber of Liberal Professions was founded by five professional associations in 2006, to protect, represent and promote the liberal professions in Rwanda. Its vision is to enhance professional excellence in the sector through networking, technical and advisory services, and advocacy.

In a bid to improve the business environment, the government of Rwanda has reformed most of its business laws between 2007 and 2008. The Chamber actively participated in the business laws reforms; taking into account interests of its members and the entire business community.

Our Goals

The Chamber of Liberal Professions organizes networking events for members to share business experiences and forge partnerships, in addition to foreign missions to expose its members to best practices.

The Chamber seeks to identify potential associate members, and assists them in crafting their statutes. We give free advisory services to our members, and organize training workshops on best professional practices.

We’re aware that our members encounter a number of challenges. Thus, we endeavor to listen to them, engage the stakeholders concerned, and provide lasting solutions.

What we Do

- Provide advice to our members.
- Actively participate in analysis of laws and regulations to develop our members.
- Build capacity of members through tailored training.
- Enhance partnerships with other chambers and associations with similar objectives and values.
- Provide information to members.

Member associations

- Architects Association
- Accountants
- Institute of Engineers in Rwanda
- Auditors (OCCAR)
- Rwanda Organization of Professional Consultants (ROPC)
- Lawyers (Barreaux des Avocats)
- Clearing agencies (ADR)
- Private doctors association