Chamber of ICT

The ICT Chamber is the youngest member of the Private Sector Federation (PSF), formed in August 2011 as an agent to support ICT sector development. More specifically the Rwanda ICT Chamber brings together ICT Associations, businesses, groups and individuals into a community where they can share ideas on how to promote and develop Rwanda’s ICT and ICT enabled Industries

“Making Rwanda, The Leading ICT-Driven Society."

"To be the leader in influencing transformation of the economy and culture through ICT"

- Creating career paths through skills development, especially among the youth,
- Stimulating entrepreneurship and competitiveness,
- Driving and protecting investments and innovation
- Promoting export of ICT products and services,
- Becoming the arbitrator of the ICT sector

Member Associations

- Software Development Association
- ICT Solutions Association
- Cyber Cafes Association
- Capacity Building Association
- Broadcasting Association
- Telecoms and ISPs Association
- Young ICT Entrepreneurs’ Association ( The iHills)
- IT Equipment Resellers Association


PSF ICT Chamber
5th Floor, Telecom House
P.O.Box 5121,
Kigali, Rwanda
Phone: +250 78 496 8343