Indashyikirwa Members

Indashyikirwa “Business Champions at District level” Following a successful formulation and operationalization of Golden Circle, the same idea was replicated across the country at district level to ensure an evenly distributed private sector participation in Rwanda’s economic development.

The brand name for the districts outreach program is “Indashyikirwa” a connotation in Kinyarwanda for “Champions”. Districts have developed ambitious development Local Economic Development Plans that are aligned with Rwanda’s national Economic Development Programs.

They, too look up to private sector in their respective localities to participate in those ambitious development plans. In such cases, they need a favorable private public dialogue (PPD) platform through which they can elaborate their respective investment agendas. The Indashyikirwa are the voice of the Private Sector for Local Economic Development issues.

Indashyikirwa Member Benefits

- Access to Business Development Services such as entrepreneurship skills; Business counseling; business health check, business plan development at a discounted rates

- Benefiting from the funds available through the Projects managed by PSF. The various products/services include: Training of individual enterprises, Business Plan Support, grants and collateral programe

- Enjoying discounted rates on fee based activities: trainings, seminars; conferences; exhibitions

- Involvement and participation in various business forums, sector working groups on policy and other concerns affecting the private sector.

- Given high priority in involvement and elaboration of developmental plans that benefit their Districts

- Getting regular first hand information and business opportunities locally and regional markets

- Participation in PSF networking meetings and member activities where you share ideas and experiences with other PSF members